About BookishFix

Hello there & Welcome!

My name is Emma, otherwise known as BookishFix on social media.
Im a 23 year old book nerd from Melbourne, Australia.

Im no good at adulting, so i prefer to live life through book characters and/or tv characters. I suffer from social anxiety and at times can be awkward and socially weird, but i’m better at this whole internet thing than real life, so let’s be friends!

My partner encourages me to follow my dreams and become a writer while i encourage his love for music producing.
I have a kitty named Dobby (aka Dobby the House cat as i like to call him).

And a goofball of a pup named Thor.
Look how cute my fur babies are!










BookishFix will be a blog all about books reviews, book things( book boxes, hauls & monthly wrap ups) my pets and other cool things you wont want to miss! I wont have a set day  that ill post on because 1. im not that organised and 2. i can be lazy. 3. Ill do this my way, because im a strong independant women who dont need no deadlines.

I’ll give any book genre a go, because i have been surprised time and time again when i’ve been recommended books i wouldn’t normally read and absolutely loved them.
Feel free to recommend me books you love so i can hopefully love them too.

My Bookshelves 


Things that float my boat:

– BooksBooksBooks                              – Art                                                    – Exercising
-Films/Movies                                        – Tattoos                                             – Forests
-Baked goodies                                      – Online Shopping                             – Storms
-Animals                                                 – Make up                                           – Harry Potter

Thanks for popping by, feel free to follow, comment, discuss, ect. Connect with me on here or via my social links, i only have Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads.

Happy Reading!